Appropriate Body Services

All ECTs must have their induction registered with an Appropriate Body. The Appropriate Body oversees the period of induction, ensuring that statutory entitlements are met. The Appropriate Body reads ECT reports, and formally approves that the ECT has served their period of induction.

From September 2023 only Teaching School Hubs can be an Appropriate body for new ECT registrations.

ECT Appropriate Body Services

The Kent Teaching School Hub provides appropriate body service for any ECT commencing their two year induction. The appropriate body will work with schools throughout the two-year induction, to assess that the ECT has been given their statutory entitlements, and that the ECT has performed suitably against the teaching standards. We will also quality assure that the ECT has been given an induction programme that it rooted in the Early Career Framework (ECF)

We recommend that schools follow a fully funded induction programme for their ECT’s. Find out more about our programme here.

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The price of appropriate body services depends on the type of induction your school are providing for early career teachers. Core Induction and School based programmes require thorough fidelity checking, and this is reflected in the price of your service.

  • Appropriate body service for schools doing the Full Induction Programme is £150 per ECT per year for new ECT registrations. Existing registrations will continue to be charged at the 2022-23 price.
  • For schools with a Core Induction ECF programme, there is a whole school cost of £650 per year, plus £150 per ECT.
  • For schools with a School Based ECF Programme, there is a whole school charge of £950, plus £150 per ECT.

If you are a MAT with 5 or more schools, following a core or school based ECF programme, please contact us directly to discuss prices.

These are the full costs of our AB Services, and no further costs will be incurred throughout the induction period.

For more information about our AB services, Click Here.

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